Nootropics or smart drugs or cognitive enhancers are drugs that have a specific activating effect on integrative brain functions, stimulate learning, improve (restore) memory and mental activity, increase brain resistance to aggressive influences, hypoxia, and strengthen cortico-subcortical connections.

The word "nootropics" entered the scientific language in 1972, although the first substance from this group was created by scientists several years earlier.

In the international classification of drugs, nootropics are not singled out into a separate class, they form a single group with psychostimulants. This is due to the fact that many of their effects overlap. However, drugs to improve brain function do not have severe side effects typical of psychostimulants.

Drugs to improve memory and brain differ in composition, mechanism of action, indications, effectiveness, the presence of side effects, and peculiarities of admission.

This section contains the most popular, effective drugs to improve (stimulate) brain function.

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Top 5 Nootropics (brain stimulation drugs):

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