Post cycle therapy

Post cycle therapy is a set of drugs used in various sports to minimize the side effects and complications of post cycle steroid hormones or prohormones.

Post cycle therapy is especially important when large doses of hormones are used or two or more anabolic drugs are taken simultaneously.

Goals of Post cycle therapy

  • Restoration of the natural hormonal background.
  • Restoration of independent production of hormones.
  • Combating the process of loss of muscle mass, minimizing recoil.
  • Prevention of enlargement of the mammary gland, secondary sexual characteristics.
  • Prevention of shrinkage of the testicles.
  • Restoration of libido (sexual desire).
  • Restoration of liver function and blood composition.
  • Prevention and reduction of other side effects.

Scheme of therapy chosen strictly on an individual basis, a single scheme does not exist.

This section contains the most popular drugs for post-course therapy.

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Top drugs for post-course therapy


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