Doping in sports

Athletes began to use doping when the sport was just beginning to identify and reward winners. In the ancient Greek Olympic Games there were no restrictions on doping. Athletes used absolutely everything that supposedly helped to achieve better results. And in ancient Rome, where chariot races were popular, the riders not only used various stimulants themselves but also pampered the horses with them.

Modern professional sport requires constant exhausting training, observance of correct regimen and strict discipline, because in conditions of enormous competition it is impossible to achieve success in any other way.

Doping is very widespread in almost all sports, and the ultimate goal of doping is roughly the same everywhere: to improve performance or training ability and endurance.

It is very difficult to analyze the extent of doping in modern sport. This is primarily because doping in sport has long been tested only at major competitions, but it is well known that most commonly used drugs are used in the training process.

In this section you can find drugs which can improve physical capacities of an athlete: increase energy, strength, endurance, power, or just help to recover faster after an exhausting workout.

Please note that there are different drugs in this section, some of them are doping (sports doping) and banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and some are legal (permitted) drugs for use in sports.

If you are an athlete who is tested for doping before competitions or in the non-competition period, we recommend to read the official list of prohibited substances (drugs) before using any drug.

The official website of WADA - the list of banned substances (PROHIBITED LIST 2022).

This will help minimize the risks of detection of doping.

You should also note that in order to achieve excellent results, you should take the drugs as a part of the course, where each drug (course of drugs) is selected for a particular sport and takes into account the characteristics of the athlete (weight, height, tolerance of drugs, etc.), which also helps to minimize the risks of detection.

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Top 10 Drugs to Improve Physical Performance:

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