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Semax - "First Aid" for stroke, an innovative drug for treating stroke of the brain. Relieves post-stroke depression.

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Semax 1% description

What is Semax 1%?

Semax restores processes in the brain, which have been disrupted or severely weakened due to illness or external factors.

It activates the processes which should take place in a healthy state and "tunes up" the work of the nerve cells.

Helps healthy people to improve memory, concentration, improve mental performance.

Used in disorders of the brain, astheno-neurotic disorders, brain injury and other diseases.

It increases adaptive capacity of the human body, increases resistance to hypoxia, ischemia and other damaging effects.

The intranasal route of administration gives Semax a huge advantage over neuroprotectors and neurometabolics in the form of injections or tablets - because their effectiveness is significantly limited because, in addition to the blood-brain barrier, blood clots stand in their way and prevent the drug from penetrating to the dying brain cells.

But Semax 1%, the nasal drops, gets in within minutes from the mucosa through the olfactory nerves directly to the damaged area of the brain to save the cells from death.

Just a few minutes after Semax hits the nasal mucosa, it begins to take effect in the affected area of the brain. In the case of stroke, this is especially important, because the saving molecule helps the patient not just to survive, but to recover and return to normal activities.

Semax synonyms and analogues

Other names for Semax: L-Methionyl-L-α-glutamylhistidyl-L-phenylalanyl-L-prolylglycyl-L-proline.

Semax analogues can be a real salvation for those who for some reason cannot use this medication. Note that the active ingredient may be different. The main Semax analogues include: Cortexin, Pantogam, Gliatilin, Encephabol.

Semax 1% uses

What are the indications for the use of Semax 1%?

According to the instructions Semax is used for the treatment of:

  • Acute period of ischemic stroke;
  • Transient ischemic attacks;
  • Stroke recovery;
  • Acute period of traumatic brain injury.

Semax 1% dosage

How to take Semax 1% and what is the drug's dosing regimen?

Deterioration of memory is one of the earliest signs of age or disease-induced brain dysfunction. The main cause of memory decline is the irreversible death of nerve cells. First of all, short-term memory and memory quality suffers, which badly affects the quality of work and life.

To improve the situation and return the brain to the lost activity is possible in just 10 days.

Rules for taking Semax 1%:

  1. Acceptance for 10 days
  2. 3 drops in each nasal passage 6 times a day
  3. Course of 6 vials

The bottle contains 60 drops

The drops should be placed onto the nasal mucosa to prevent leakage into the nasopharynx

Semax 1% use in sports

Is Semax 1% used in sports?

During intensive exercise or competitive activities, there is a redistribution of blood flow in favor of the working muscles, which causes an oxygen deficit in the brain, a decrease in energy metabolism in brain cells and inhibition of brain function.

Nootropics in this case increase the level of energy metabolism in the brain tissue cells, develop potential neurophysiological capabilities, which leads to relief of fatigue, increasing concentration.

Nootropics improve coordination, accelerate the recovery of lost technical skills and techniques in sports.

Therefore, in sports medicine Semax 1% can be taken to increase mental and physical, including fine, performance, optimize higher cortical functions of the brain (speech, thinking, coordination of movements, memory, attention), regulate the level of physiological tremor, accelerate production of automatisms, increase resistance of brain tissue to hypoxia during intensive training and in the recovery period after competitions, prevention of competitive stress and its complications.

Semax 1% side effects

What are the side effects of Semax 1%?

The side effects of Semax 1% are rare; they include a mild irritation of the nasal mucosa if used for a long period of time.

Semax available forms

Medication Semax: nasal drops.

Active ingredient: L-Methionyl-L-α-glutamylhistidyl-L-phenylalanyl-L-prolylglycyl-L-proline.

Is Semax available in the form of injections, powder or drops?

No, Semax is available only in the form of nasal drops.

Also available different dosage forms of Semax for sale:

Where to buy Semax 1% online?

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Research and more information on Semax 1%

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