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Actovegin a preparation of tissue and blood of cattle, is a fairly well-known drug

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Actovegin injection description

What is Actovegin injection?

Actovegin is an extract from the blood of calves.

Actovegin improves tissue nutrition and helps properly distribute glucose from the blood to the body's needs. The drug helps to retain oxygen, thus reducing tissue damage in conditions of oxygen starvation. The product enhances the production of ATP-energetic molecules necessary for the correct functioning of all important processes in the body.

Actovegin synonyms and analogues

Other names for Actovegin: Deproteinized dialysate from the blood of calves.

There is a wide range of analogues and substitutes for Actovegin, which differ in composition, indications, formulation, duration of course, drug interaction, age restrictions and cost.

The main analogues of Actovegin: Cytoflavin, Mildronate, Cereton, Gliatilin, Nootropil.

Actovegin injection uses

What are the indications for the use of Actovegin injection?

Indications for use:

  • Metabolic and vascular disorders of the brain (including ischemic stroke brain injury).
  • Peripheral (arterial and venous) vascular disorders and their sequelae (arterial angiopathy, trophic ulcers); diabetic polyneuropathy
  • Wound healing (ulcers of various etiology, burns, trophic disorders (bedsores), violation of wound healing processes).
  • Prevention and treatment of radiation lesions of the skin and mucous membranes in radiation therapy.

Actovegin can be administered during pregnancy and lactation, but only after weighing the risks and benefits and with great caution.

Actovegin injection dosage

How do I take Actovegin injection and what is the dosing regimen of the drug?

Intra-arterially, intravenously (including as an infusion) and intramuscularly. Due to the potential for anaphylactic reactions, it is recommended to test before starting the infusion.

Depending on indications, the initial dose is 10-20 ml/day intravenously or intraarterially; then 5 ml intravenously or 5 ml intramuscularly.

When administered as infusion, 10-20 ml of Actovegin is added to 200-300 ml of basic solution (0.9% sodium chloride solution or 5% dextrose solution). Infusion rate: about 2 ml/min.

Actovegin injection use in sports

Is Actovegin injection used in sports?

Actovegin is especially appreciated by athletes for its ability to improve the nutrition of organic tissues. It also increases blood circulation in the brain. Such action of Actovegin allows prescribing it to patients after impact injuries - it is recommended to use it for boxers after a fight. The drug normalizes the work of the heart muscle, is able to restore the eye cornea and sclera, has a positive effect on the metabolic processes in the skin cells.

The greatest effect is achieved with parenteral administration of the drug. It is important to choose the right dosage of injections for athletes.

Experiments with the drug have shown that administration of 250 ml of Actovegin intravenously increases performance and increases training time and strength endurance.

Actovegin is not banned by WADA.

Actovegin injection side effects

What are the side effects of Actovegin injection?

Actovegin itself does not cause any side effects, but each individual body reacts differently to it. The following allergic reactions may occur while taking the drug:

  • skin rashes;
  • feeling of blood rush;
  • Increased sweating;
  • high fever;
  • itching;
  • redness of the skin.

Actovegin available forms

Dosage form: Solution for injection.

Active ingredient: Deproteinized dialysate from the blood of calves.

Is Actovegin available in the form of tablets, powder or drops?

Yes, Actovegin is available in the form of tablets and injections.

Also available different dosage forms of Actovegin for sale:

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