Antiviral drugs and Immunomodulators

Antiviral drugs - are designed to treat various viral diseases such as: influenza, herpes, HIV infection, etc.

Immunomodulators - are drugs that increase the body's defenses to normal physiological levels. They do not have a devastating effect on pathogens, but bring the immune system back to normal, which allows a person to cope with most infectious diseases on their own.

The incidence of influenza and other viral acute respiratory diseases (ARIs) far exceeds the incidence of all other known human infectious diseases.

The problem of influenza and other acute respiratory diseases is complex and difficult to solve. Therefore, the prevention of these diseases should be timely.

The main indications for strengthening the immune system and taking immunomodulators are:

  • Acute respiratory infections, especially in the case of frequent illnesses, influenza;
  • Herpes infection (for any type of herpes virus);
  • Cancer - to prevent infections, improve quality of life;
  • AIDS - also to increase defenses to resist respiratory and other infections, which are extremely dangerous for HIV-infected people;
  • Human papillomavirus infection;
  • Allergic diseases, when with intense itching and the appearance of scratches, microcrashes on the skin, there is a risk of introduction of a secondary bacterial infection (for example, in atopic dermatitis) or when due to exacerbation of bronchial asthma there is a possibility of inflammatory bronchopulmonary complications;
  • Living in environmentally disadvantaged areas;
  • Period of recovery from infectious diseases

This section contains the most popular antiviral drugs and immunomodulators. Please note that the dosage and duration of treatment may vary.

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TOP 3 Antiviral medications

TOP 3 list of Immunomodulators

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