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Tabex (Cytisine) is an herbal remedy to help you quit smoking

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Tabex description:

What is Tabex (Cytisine)?

Tabex (Cytisine) is an anti-nicotine pill for the treatment of nicotine addiction.

Tabex is one of the most effective revolutionary drugs for eliminating nicotine addiction. This drug is designed to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day or quit smoking completely and to eliminate the resulting psychosomatic smoker syndrome.

Tabex synonyms and analogues

Other names for Tabex: Cytisine, Desmoxan, Baptitoxine, Sophorine.

Analogue products of Tabex are those with the active ingredient Cytisine.

Tabex uses

What are the indications for using Tabex (Cytisine)?

It is used in the treatment of nicotine addiction.

Tabex dosage

How to take Tabex (Cytisine) and what is the dosage regimen of the drug?

A person who has decided to give up smoking waits a few weeks of adaptation: the body needs help and support and the drug Tabex has been successfully coping with this role for many years.

The manufacturer's recommended regimen for using Tabex is the most successful. It is recommended to start taking the tablets if you have a conscious intention to quit smoking. The daily dosage and the frequency of taking the drug varies and depends on the day of taking the remedy.

During the first three days of treatment you should take 1 tablet every 2 hours - a total of 6 tablets per day.

On days 4-12 inclusive, the daily dose is 5 tablets - 1 every 2.5 hours.

From days 13 to 16, you need to take 1 tablet of Tabex every 3 hours - a total of 4 pills per day.

On days 17-20, the dosage is reduced to 3 tablets a day: you need to drink them every 5 hours.

At the end of treatment, on days 21-25, you should take 1-2 tablets a day, with a frequency of once every 6-8 hours.

At the same time with the beginning of the use of Tabex it is necessary to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. No later than five days of therapy it is necessary to give up smoking completely. Failure to do so may provoke nicotine intoxication, which will cause serious health problems, particularly with the cardiovascular system and breathing. Thus, the first 3 days of using Tabex pills are a test run. If reducing the number of cigarettes fails, therapy should be stopped. A new course of nicotine addiction treatment should be started after 2-3 months. It is necessary to adhere to the recommended scheme of taking Tabex.

A blister with a calendar of taking tablets inside the package of the drug will help a person who wants to quit smoking. The full course is designed for 25 days, but if there is no desire to smoke, Tabex can be stopped prematurely.

About nicotine addiction

How to quit smoking?

Cigarette smoking addiction is one of the most frequent addictions, which is not always given the importance it deserves.

When withdrawal of nicotine a person begins to experience anxiety, he can not concentrate, his performance is reduced.

At the same time, smoking harms the human body. Smokers suffer from lung diseases that cause cancer. Nicotine adversely affects the heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, potency, and nervous system.

Professors Muhamad Elrashidi and Jon Ebbert of the Mayo Clinic concluded that nicotine receptor agonists (Tabex) and nicotine replacement therapy (such as patches + chewing gum) are the two most effective medications for tobacco dependence.

Nicotine replacement therapy drugs include Nicorette, Nikvitin.

Tabex side effects

What are the side effects of Tabex (Cytisine)?

In the recommended doses, Tabex does not cause serious adverse effects.

Tabex available forms

Dosage form: Tablets.

Active ingredient: Cytisine

Is Tabex (Cytisine) available in the form of injections, powder or drops?

No, Tabex (Cytisine) is available only in the form of tablets.

Where to buy Tabex (Cytisine) online?

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