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Cycloferon is an antiviral drug, immunostimulant, which is prescribed to patients for the treatment of flu, acute respiratory viral infections and herpes virus.

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Cycloferon injections description

What is Cycloferon injections?

Cycloferon is an antiviral, immunomodulatory drug that belongs to the low molecular weight interferon inducers. It differs from most substitutes by a wide range of biological activity. The remedy also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, during the course of treatment, improvement is observed in the first days of admission.

It is worth noting that this drug has a detrimental effect on the herpes virus, influenza and other pathogens that provoke acute respiratory diseases. It is able to suppress the reproduction of infection in the early stages. Also increases the nonspecific resistance of the body against viruses, bacteria.

The action is observed within a day.

Cycloferon synonyms and analogues

Other names for Cycloferon: Meglumina acridonacetate, Acetrizoic Acid Meglumine.

When choosing a Cycloferon analog, you should consider the composition, because the drugs may differ in the active ingredient, as well as pharmacological action. Each substitute has its own age restrictions and contraindications. The main analogues of Cycloferon include: Grippferon, Anaferon, Arbidol, Ergoferon.

Cycloferon injections uses

What are the indications for using Cycloferon injections?

In adults, as part of a complex therapy:

  • HIV-infections (stages 2A - 2B);
  • Neuroinfections: serous meningitis and encephalitis, tick-borne borelliosis (Lyme disease);
  • Viral hepatitis A, B, C, D;
  • Herpes and cytomegalovirus infection;
  • Secondary immunodeficiencies associated with acute and chronic bacterial and fungal infections;
  • chlamydial infections;
  • rheumatic and systemic connective tissue diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus);
  • Degenerative-dystrophic joint diseases: deforming osteoarthritis, etc.

In children in the complex therapy:

  • Viral hepatitis A, B, C, D;
  • Herpes infection;
  • HIV-infection (stages 2A-2B).

Cycloferon injections dosage

How do I take Cycloferon injections and what is the dosing regimen of the drug?

Cycloferon is given intramuscularly or intravenously once a day according to the basic scheme: every other day. The duration of the treatment course depends on the disease.

Treatment of influenza and ARVI in adults

Influenza is a viral infection. A sick person is contagious from the first hours until the fifth or seventh day of illness. Flu symptoms usually manifest themselves abruptly: Within a few hours, weakness and drowsiness occur, headache and body aches appear, the temperature rises to 38-40C. The flu is often accompanied by pain in the joints and muscles, severe irritation of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, coughing, sneezing and eye irritation.

During the flu, as well as during any other acute respiratory infections, you should be in bed and drink plenty of fluids. Drinking lots of fluids will help to eliminate toxins quickly, which are formed as a result of the activity of the virus. It is toxins that cause headache, weakness and nausea during the illness. In addition, sweating is often observed during the flu. With sweat, the body loses fluid, which must be replenished, so that dehydration does not occur. For this purpose, warm drinks that do not contain caffeine and alcohol are best: morses, herbal teas or water.

Drug therapy for influenza can be divided into two types: symptomatic treatment and medications to help fight the pathogen. Symptomatic treatment does not affect the activity of the virus, but only alleviates the manifestations of the disease. Flu treatment is, first of all, therapy with an antiviral drug with a wide range of antiviral activity, aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease.

Cycloferon has the properties necessary for the treatment of influenza

Due to its properties, Cycloferon can be recommended for the treatment of colds and flu for both adults and children from 4 years old.

  • It is a universal antiviral drug with a wide range of antiviral activity, used for the treatment and prevention of different types of influenza and acute respiratory viruses, including H1N1;
  • It is an interferon inducer, so it is able to support and strengthen own antiviral immunity, increasing the body's defenses;
  • It has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • It has no effect on the liver and is completely eliminated from the body within a day.

The property not to affect the liver is one of the important arguments in favor of using Cycloferon in the treatment of influenza in adults. Due to age and the presence of chronic diseases, adults are often forced to use various medications.

Most medications are metabolized by the liver, which creates a serious load on this organ. The increased burden on the liver can worsen the general condition of the patient and reduce the therapeutic effect of the drugs used.

Cycloferon is not metabolized in the liver and is eliminated from the body through the kidneys within 24 hours. Avoiding additional burden on the liver is very important, especially in the case of prescription of antibiotics, which can be used in combination with basic antiviral therapy when bacterial complications arise.

Preventing the development of complications is one of the primary tasks in the treatment of influenza or acute respiratory viral infections. Cycloferon in the complex treatment of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections significantly improves the quality of the treatment process and accelerates recovery. In particular, Cycloferon reduces intensity and duration of temperature reaction, and in combination with symptomatic treatment it reduces by 9 times the frequency of complications of flu and acute respiratory viral infections in the form of pneumonia and bronchitis.

Cycloferon injections side effects

What are the side effects of Cycloferon injections?

Side effects of Cycloferon injections are rare and include allergic reactions.

Cycloferon available forms

Dosage form: injections.

Active ingredient: Meglumina acridonacetate.

Is Cycloferon available in the form of drops, powder or spray?

Yes, Cycloferon is available in the form of tablets and injections.

Also available different dosage forms of Cycloferon for sale:

If you need other dosage please contact us

  • Cycloferon 150 mg 10 tablets
  • Cycloferon 150 mg 50 tablets
  • Cycloferon liniment 5 ml

Where to buy Cycloferon injections online?

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Research and more information on Cycloferon injections

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