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AndroGel is a testosterone gel for application to the skin.

AndroGel increases testosterone levels in the blood by penetrating the skin.

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AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) description

What is AndroGel (Testosterone Gel)?

AndroGel is a 1% testosterone product.

Testosterone gel AndroGel has the following advantages:

  • No need for injections
  • More even flow of the hormone in the blood
  • Dosages can be easily modified
  • Reduced burden on the liver (in contrast to testosterone injections and testosterone pills)
  • Testosterone levels reach steady-state levels within the first 24 hours of use and remain in the normal range for the duration of use
  • Easy to apply to the abdomen, shoulders, pecs, or inner thighs

Androgel can be called a daily testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone gels are as effective as pills and injectable forms in terms of their effect on natural male function and mood.

Testosterone gels mimic the natural release of testosterone in the body.

AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) synonyms and analogues

Other names for AndroGel: Testosterone, Testosterone Gel.

When selecting an analogue of AndroGel, it is recommended to consider that the analogues are injectable forms of Testosterone and Testosterone tablets.

AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) uses

What are the indications for the use of AndroGel (Testosterone Gel)?

Used for individuals over the age of 18 as a replacement therapy for endogenous testosterone deficiency.

AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) dosage

How to take AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) and what is the dosing regimen of the drug?

The recommended daily dose of AndroGel is 5 g of gel (i.e. 50 mg of testosterone) applied once a day at approximately the same time, preferably in the morning.

The dose may be adjusted, but should not exceed 10 grams of testosterone gel per day.

The gel is applied to clean, dry, undamaged skin on the shoulders, forearms, and abdomen. Apply testosterone gel only to areas that will be covered by clothing.

A permanent concentration of testosterone in the plasma is reached around the second day of treatment with AndroGel.

Do not take a shower for two hours after applying

AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) use in sports

Is AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) used in sports?

Yes, AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) is widely used in professional sports to increase physical performance.

AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) became widely known as a result of a scandal that erupted in the U.S. several years ago when it was revealed that the famous trainer Trevor Graham said that some popular athletes are using testosterone gel to improve athletic performance. It was later revealed that athletes had no idea they were even using a hormone, mistakenly believing they were rubbing innocuous creams into their skin.

AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) side effects

What are the side effects of AndroGel (Testosterone Gel)?

The drug contains alcohol, so irritation and dryness may appear if it is often applied to the skin.

  • Blood and lymphatic system: changes in the results of laboratory tests (polycythemia, changes in lipid levels).
  • Genitourinary system: changes in the prostate, gynecomastia, mastodynia.
  • Nervous system disorders: dizziness, paresthesia, amnesia, hyperesthesia, mood changes.
  • Cardiovascular system: increase in BP.
  • Gastrointestinal tract: diarrhea.
  • Skin and its appendages: alopecia, urticaria.
  • General disorders: headache.

AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) available forms

Dosage form: Gel for external use.

Active ingredient: Testosterone.

Ingredients: isopropyl miritate, ethanol (96%), carbomer, sodium hydroxide, purified water.

Is AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) available in the form of injections, powder or pills?

No, AndroGel is available only in the form of Gel (Testosterone).

Where to buy AndroGel (Testosterone Gel) online?

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