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Pineamin is an exclusive solution for age-related changes.

The first menopausal injectable with the innovative PPG class effect and Anti-age effect.

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Pineamin description

What is Pineamin?

Pineamin is the first injectable with the innovative PPG (Polypeptides of Pineal Gland) class effect and anti-age effect. It is prescribed for women in the period of ageing, when symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, insomnia, depression, irritability and other manifestations of menopause appear.

Pineamin is an innovative biotechnological product that combines proven efficacy and safety.

It is based on the latest scientific developments in the field of neuroendocrinology and gynecology: the drug contains PPG-peptides, which are mediated through the activation of internal inhibitory structures to solve the problem of menopausal symptoms without resorting to synthetic substitutes or analogues of female hormones. This mechanism of action is fundamentally different from the solutions of traditionally used therapy - this is a unique and innovative PPG class effect of the drug.

Advantages of Pineamine:

  • Proven efficacy,
  • High tolerability and safety profile,
  • Absence of contraindications and limitations inherent to conventional therapy (varicose veins, gallstones, obesity, etc.)
  • Convenient course of treatment - 2-3 courses per year,
  • Supporting anti-age effect.

Pineamin synonyms and analogues

Other names for Pineamin: cattle pineal gland polypeptides.

When choosing an analogue, a substitute for Pineamin, pay attention to: ClimaraOestrogelDivigel.

Pineamin uses

What are the indications for using the drug Pineamin?

Neurovegetative disorders in menopausal women with contraindications to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or refusal of its implementation.

Pineamin dosage

How do I take Pineamin and what is the dosing regimen of the drug?

Pineamin is used for a short course of 10 days in the form of intramuscular injections. The positive effect of Pineamin confirmed by studies, it lasts up to 180 days.

The content of the vial is dissolved in 1-2 ml of 0.5% procaine (novocaine) solution, water for injection or 0.9% sodium chloride solution before injection and administered singly daily in a dose of 10 mg for 10 days.

If necessary, repeat course in 3 to 6 months.

In case of missed injection it is not recommended to administer double dose but make next injection as usual on the planned day.

Pineamin side effects

What are the side effects of Pineamin?

Possible side effects of Pineamin are allergic reactions in case of individual hypersensitivity to the components contained in the drug.

Pineamin available forms

Dosage form: Lyophilizate for the preparation of a solution for intramuscular administration.

Active ingredient: cattle pineal gland polypeptides.

Is Pineamin available in the form of pills, powder or drops?

No, Pineamin is available only in the form of injections.

Where to buy Pineamin online?

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Research and more information on Pineamin

  1. Pineamin Increases Melatonin Synthesis in Pineal Gland of Elderly Peopl


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