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How to find Expiry Date on Russian drugs?

16 Mar 2021

Medicines have expiry dates so you know when to use them by. After the expiry date medicines may not be safe or as effective.

If you have a question: "How to find Expiry Date on medicines labeled in Russian?"

You can find the expiry date on the medicine packaging.

Expiry Date of phenotropil produced by Valent

It is usually shown as month and year.

Expiry Date of erythropoietin (EPO)

You can find on the box: "Годен до:" and then the date.

The expiration date in Russian is "Годен до".

Expiry Date of russian medicines

Some examples:

  • Годен до 11 2022
  • Годен до 08 23
  • Годен до 2023-06

What do the numbers mean?

Specify the month and year.

There are may be also other indicators:

  • Serial number
  • Production date

They are not mandatory.

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