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Mircera is a long-acting erythropoietin receptor activator.

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Mircera description

What is Mircera?

Mircera is a hematopoietic stimulator, representative of a new class of long-acting erythropoietin receptor activators.

The natural hormone erythropoietin, the primary growth factor for erythroid development, is produced by the kidneys and released into the vascular stream in response to hypoxia. In response to hypoxia, erythropoietin interacts with erythropoietic progenitor cells, resulting in increased erythrocyte production.

Mircera synonyms and analogues

Other names for Mircera: epoetin beta, erythropoietin, EPO.

When choosing a Mircera analogue, look at the dosage and the active ingredient: Eralphon, Epostim, Erythropoietin, Recormon, Vero-Epoietin.

Mircera uses

What are the indications for Mircera uses?

Used for anemia in chronic renal failure

Mircera dosage

How do I take Mircera and what is the dosing regimen of the drug?

Given the longer elimination half-life, Mircera should be administered less frequently than other erythropoiesis stimulants.

Mircera may be given subcutaneously or intravenously. Mirzer is injected subcutaneously into the abdomen, shoulder or thigh. The above areas are equally suitable for subcutaneous administration.

The dose is increased by 25-50% at monthly intervals until the individual target Hb is reached.

Dose of the drug when changing from epoetin (alpha or beta): when the preceding weekly dose of epoetin is less than 8000 units, the drug dose is 120 mcg/month or 60 mcg/2 weeks; when the preceding weekly dose of epoetin is 8000-16000 units - 200 mcg/month or 100 mcg/2 weeks; when the preceding weekly dose of epoetin is over 16000 units - 360 mcg/month or 180 mcg/2 weeks.

Drug dose when switching from darbepoetin alfa: when the preceding weekly dose of darbepoetin alfa over 40 g/month or 60 g/2 weeks; when the preceding weekly dose of darbepoetin alfa 40-80 g, 200 g/month or 100 g/2 weeks; when the preceding weekly dose of darbepoetin alfa over 80 g, 360 g/month or 180 g/2 weeks.

Mircera use in sports

Is Mircera used in sports?

One of the most discussed drugs used by athletes as doping is erythropoietin.

Erythropoietin is an extremely important hormone that stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells, or red blood cells.

Indeed, the fact that this drug is able to raise hemoglobin levels quite quickly is very tempting for athletes seeking to improve their results and performance by any means. Following an increase in the production of red blood cells, the body acquires the abilities of a "superhuman": stamina, performance, and muscle strength increase significantly.

Intensive treatment with erythropoietin gives the athlete such a significant advantage over other competitors that it was included in the list of banned drugs in sport.

Mircera side effects

What are the side effects of Mircera?

Mild to moderate adverse reactions occurring in patients receiving Mircera:

  • Cardiovascular system side effects: arterial hypertension (frequent); shunt thrombosis (rare), hot flashes (very rare);
  • nervous system: headache (rare), hypertensive encephalopathy (very rare);
  • immune system: hypersensitivity reactions (very rare);
  • Skin and its appendages: maculopapular rash (very rare).

Mircera available forms

Dosage form: Solution for intravenous and subcutaneous administration.

Active ingredient: methoxypolyethylene glycol-epoetin beta

Is Mircera available in the form of pills, powder or drops?

No, Mircera is available only in the form of syringe for injection.

You also can buy Mircera with other dosage and form:

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  • Mircera 75 mcg
  • Mircera 150 mcg

Where to buy Mircera online?

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Research and more information on Mircera

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  2. A Study of Mircera for the Treatment of Anemia in Dialysis Patients
  4. Safety and Efficacy of Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol-epoetin Beta in Anemia Treatment in Patients on Hemodialysis: a Macedonian Experience


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